Trans Chaosmos Facility l | 2010







'Trans Chaosmos Facility l'

a work by Paul Eachus with video works by Nooshin Farhid


five screen video installation for Trans Chaosmos Facility 1
duration: variable
dimention: variable
date: 2011

Exhibition: The Wasp Room, Nottingham 2010

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Nooshin Farhid was invited by the artist Paul Eachus to make an intervention into his installation Trans Chaosmos Facility at The Wasp Room Nottingham. Having discussed the ideas behind this work and observed its construction she decided to make a number of video works to be installed within the structure. This involved making three related installed together on three monitors and two separate videos located at different points. The intention was to make an intervention into the installation which itself was an intervention into the gallery at The Wasp Room.

supported by The Henry Moore Foundation