Trans Chaosmos Facility ll | 2011







'Trans Chaosmos Facility ll'

a work by Paul Eachus with video works by Nooshin Farhid

twelve screen video installation for Trans Chaosmos Facility ll
duration: variable
dimention: variable
date: 2011

On Becoming a Gallery - Part
3curated by Richard Ducke
Angus-Hughes Gallery London 2011

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Trans Chaosmos Facility was conceived by Paul Eachus resulting from an invitation to make an installation for the Tether organisation in Nottingham in 2010. It took the form of a spatial intervention into the organisation’s gallery that effectively eradicated visually any reference to the gallery space itself. This ‘Merz’ like structure enabled the viewer to walk into it along a temporary walkway which at one and the same time aloud the viewer to be part of the work whilst also being made aware of its transient and temporal nature. The idea of ‘intervention’ was further emphasized by the invitation by the artist to the video maker Nooshin Farhid to make a series of videos to be installed in the work, decisions of scale and subject matter for the videos were left wholly to her.

Trans Chaosmos Facility ll was installed at the Angus-Hughes Gallery in London as part of ‘On Becoming a Gallery’ part 3 in London in 2011 curated by Richard Ducker. The proposal was to install the work in this new space which enable both the interior and the exterior of the structure to come into conceptual play, it would be possible to walk into and around the structure relating the exterior to the internal space of the gallery. Once again Nooshin Farhid was invited to make video works for the interior but with the added request to install her work in relation to the exterior space of Trans Chaomos Facility ll.