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 Short Biography

Nooshin Farhid was born in Tehran, Iran and now lives and works in London. Her work is primarily concerned with the moving image, which takes the form of single screen works, installations, interventions and animation, still photography and the production of texts. She approaches film as collage, working with on and offline material and with editing and animation techniques alike.  Narratives emerge through this process of visual and audio ‘realignment’. Her written texts oscillate between the poetic and the factual, the personal and the philosophic, recited by actors in the form of voiceovers and overlaid onto a composed soundtrack created by the artist. The spoken word weaves the fragmented narratives together contextually and rhythmically. Farhid makes distinctive use of filmic genres and tropes. Nonetheless film is not a primary concern, but the portrayal of the human condition both in a direct documentary format and an allegorical style.